Homeowners Choice Construction would like to offer our services to those who may have been impacted by the recent storm that passed through.
Homeowners Choice Construction specializes in insurance restoration and cleaning up behind major storms. We're a full service company, and can help with large or small projects. We also do charity work for special cases and circumstances. If you or someone you know needs help, please give them our information, regardless of their financial situation.
We're a part of the community and would like to do our part.

Storm Damage &
Insurance Restoration
We are all very lucky to be living in Florida. We get to experience mild winters and tropical summers. Unfortunately due to the high temperatures we also have violent storms throughout the year. Over time, the high winds and the occasional hail storm can greatly reduce the useful life of your roof. This leaves your house, your most valuable asset, exposed to the elements. The good news is most home owner insurance policies include coverage for these types of storms.
Homeowners Choice Construction specializes in working with most insurance carriers to identify, estimate, and repair storm damage. Our process is designed to make it as easy as possible for our customers and to promote favorable results. Our insurance restoration program has nearly an 80% approval rate! Call us today for details on how to enroll.
Roof Install
Here’s what you can expect during your roof install
We call you the week before your install to confirm your installation date. The date is "soft" as weather and other factors can influence installation.
A roofing permit will be placed on or near your home as required by your building department. Please leave this permit up until we advise you to take it down.
Roofing materials will be delivered to your home. In most instances our supplier will load the materials directly onto your roof.

We will place a dumpster near the home, usually in your driveway. We will call you to coordinate the dumpster drop.
Next we remove the old materials on your roof and put them in the dumpster.
We then inspect the wood that is hidden below the shingles on your home. If needed, we will replace the rotten wood and fascia. Our policy is to replace rotten wood and fascia when discovered. The price per sheet of plywood and linear foot of fascia installed (unpainted) varies as market conditions change. Most wood cannot be identified until AFTER we remove your existing roof system. This makes it impossible to give you a wood quote up front.
After we inspect the wood and change out any rotted pieces, we re-nail the decking, bringing it up to code.
Next we install the felt, drip edge, valley metal and/or ice and water shield.
Finally we install the shingles and accessories (ridge vent, lead boots, etc) to code specifications.
Upon completion our crew should begin the final clean-up process. It's very helpful if your grass is cut low prior to our arrival. This allows the magnet to work better when removing the nails. Even with our best efforts, it's not uncommon for a few nails to stray. Please be extra careful in the yard for the next few weeks and be on the lookout for nails.

Our job site foreman will make every attempt to walk the job with you upon completion to ensure your satisfaction. Please ask any questions or point out any concerns at this time.
Once your job is complete, you will be asked to sign a certificate of completion. You will also be provided with a warranty and other information at that time.
If you have any specific requests regarding your roofing installation, please contact our production department to discuss PRIOR to your installation. 

Warranty Department

Every new roof from Homeowners Choice Construction comes with a 5 year workmanship warranty in addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the shingle installed. This warranty protects you from leaks and other perils, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. As a Certified GAF Contractor, our customers who use GAF products are eligible for a 50 year warranty. Ask your Homeowners Choice Construction representative for details on the GAF warranty program.

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